Marks of Maturity

Immature. I'd been called immature many times than one. But, how can you call somebody immature, when you're immature in many ways. When we mindlessly call others reckless and worse, we should call them immature; this shall help us to rescue our world from many defeats from where we know where to start. Then we... Continue Reading →

The Little Things of Life

Picture credits: La Miko on ♥   Often times like these, we underestimate the very little things we once had the power of touch, witty laughs', those kind words and honest compliments, those profound lines and in depth intellects,  warm gestures, and support a long sought love, in solace of imagination and all that... Continue Reading →

From Dusk till Dawn: Dwelling in Darkness

Distractions. I'd been distracted all day, since a week; I managed to keep my griefs at bay. Although from morning, despair seems to be drenched all over me. Honestly, Netflix doesn't give me the assurance of keeping my despairs away. And I shouldn't be. Walking to and fro, bedroom to kitchen, mostly opening up refrigerator... Continue Reading →

Connected with Cobwebs

The other day when I woke up early, it was kind of misty. Not knowing what disturbed my beautiful dream. AND there was a gigantic cockroach crawling over me. That shook the complete slumber if I'd any. Yet without say, how the HELL does this house has many creatures?! I swear! Staying in my uncle... Continue Reading →

#BlogchatterAtoZ: From Dusk till Dawn -Acceptance

A Letter to your soul, Very unprecedented days with this lockdown, not knowing what lies ahead of us. Don't let that put you down. Not knowing, 'Uncertainity'- we consciously believe that the world is pandemic, into unconsciously wired that the universe is nothing but hatred.  Love. Apart from the word bliss, to feel that emotion,... Continue Reading →


“We are all faced with a series of great opportunities brilliantly disguised as impossible situations” – Charles Swindoll. The department assistant aka the helper told me today to pray, for the glorious Almighty is the only one who can show you the way. It was odd. Because lately all had been saying the same.  Why?... Continue Reading →


In my blurry vision, Watching bokeh lights of orange These city lights were pretty much the same All day, every day gazing over my battles of solitary Blinking to my myriad of thoughts Wanted a pause button for some while now. Looking above into an abyss of shades Of dusky blue and gray scales Wondering... Continue Reading →

A Week Getaway!

Restless. I didn't sleep a bit at night. All phone calls and texts had to come after I slept. Mother's warning, over protective brother text messages of 'keep me updated always' and sister's query of how am I leaving. Huff! Okay I'm married to the family now. It was easy, if they could text me... Continue Reading →

My Shadow

It will find me Where ever I am Travel to seek my soul Crown my head Chained my neck It will find me Even if I don't reach out Crawling towards me To find the light  Out of my tunnel Swallowing my depths of sanity It will pass over me When I'm in my lowest... Continue Reading →

Book Review: The Three Flowers – My blooming verses

Hello there ! This time it's another E-book solely focussing on micropoetry on random words starting from A to Z,  "The Three Flowers - My Blooming Verses" Review from the author Romilaa of novemberschild. This book is a part of an initiative of blogging challenge, April A to Z where each day you get to write... Continue Reading →

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