“We are all faced with a series of great opportunities brilliantly disguised as impossible situations” – Charles Swindoll. The department assistant aka the helper told me today to pray, for the glorious Almighty is the only one who can show you the way. It was odd. Because lately all had been saying the same.  Why? … Continue reading Forgiveness


Exceptional ambience? I doubt. It definitely had the power to uplift my mood. And there is this view I couldn't capture in my phone where I  saw a crimson sun amongst the clouds and a  faint blue line beneath with lots of green around. Yes, I'm talking about Kerala, India and more precisely the capital, Trivandrum from above. … Continue reading Ambience

All the way – From Pondicherry

Crimson Sunsets-Pale Blue Seas and the pinch of saltiness in air brings you the warmth of serene vibes but there's nothing quite like Puducherry Beach formerly known as "Pondicherry". Standing on the white grainy sands, overlooking the shore, cool Breeze blowing mildly - soothing the storm within or that perfect round glory sinking in the … Continue reading All the way – From Pondicherry

Back From Cocoon into Procrastination

Hello all! 🙂 This isn't me sleeping in the bird's nest but would look like one if you climb five stored building and knock my abandoned door. Photo Credits: Google Images Back from hibernation since my last post of about two months. Before I end up moving out and constantly fretting on why am I not opening … Continue reading Back From Cocoon into Procrastination