My Shadow

It will find me Where ever I am Travel to seek my soul Crown my head Chained my neck It will find me Even if I don't reach out Crawling towards me To find the light  Out of my tunnel Swallowing my depths of sanity It will pass over me When I'm in my lowest... Continue Reading →

A Wrecking Ball

As two hearts soothe in fragrance of love Gliding along the aisle in thin glass Simulating their presence together In peace and health hand in hand Showered in Blessings of Grace heavenly As walls echoed for a beautiful ever Beneath the curtains were an innocent orbs Watching her first love seal promise to another And all she... Continue Reading →

Circle of Life

Those within our circle Steps a right foot Break the tethered ropes Brawl over tiny rifts Walk away from indignation Masks a silent matte in frenzy brows Nothing as void as blurred lines Years passed by yet so far away Faded, Alone are bonds solemnly wear Only memories to caper Life ages at our best smiles... Continue Reading →

Once, During a Rainy day

Edit Once, During a rainy day...   The heavens were pouring wholeheartedly with lush greens and blues mesmerizing a beautiful mosaic of love and mushy air. And there was she... Wearing her comfy sweatshirt as always in a size as thrice as bigger than her, reminiscing of a love unfulfilled especially in these rains. She... Continue Reading →

Was it Karma?

               Image courtesy: Google Images She ran behind him who sped away with her money purse. She stumbled on a cemented block, fell hard on tiled surface and got herself injured. Blood oozed out from her knees with a big hole on her new denims. Alas, nobody bothered to... Continue Reading →

Hello meddler! 

Some features that meddle with our life.

Wonder Woman 

She rubbed gauze over my burnt area absentminded. "Ouch", I yelped What you doing? I'm in pain, Maa... It's still tender there... Sarah looked down at her younger daughter eyes and mumbled sorry. She slowly blew over my wounds having a weary look. "Maa, you don't know how to do. I'll do it. It's okay you leave.... Continue Reading →

Obsessive Disorder 

Are you being Obsessive today?

School Sports Day

*When life give you lemons, you make a lemonade*

Miles apart…

So near yet so apart

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