The Little Things of Life

Picture credits: La Miko on ♥   Often times like these, we underestimate the very little things we once had the power of touch, witty laughs', those kind words and honest compliments, those profound lines and in depth intellects,  warm gestures, and support a long sought love, in solace of imagination and all that... Continue Reading →

In Pursuit of Happyness

Dear on other side, We are all in search to find the meaning of life. Few striking out the to-do lists or getting works done may seem happier. After all, Happiness is a choice to endure and be generous. We encounter people whose riches are bigger than their happiness, yet they aren't joyful. Why so?... Continue Reading →

Be A Fighter – Rise from your ashes

Dear Fighter, Let me tell you, you are the reflection of your thoughts, your actions and words. Any denial of it, can restrain the freedom you wanted. Not everyone is bound to have that kind of freedom. But YOU CAN! This fierce fighter flies at an altitude speed where no other birds fly. This voracious... Continue Reading →

Does Love exist?

I hope, I find someone who finds joy in my happiness, grieves in my pain, cherishes my existence like how love is meant to be... Not the one who hides away to celebrate our togetherness but the one who speaks to Almighty about me... I hope I find someone of my wavelength... someone who skips... Continue Reading →

Once, During a Rainy day

Edit Once, During a rainy day...   The heavens were pouring wholeheartedly with lush greens and blues mesmerizing a beautiful mosaic of love and mushy air. And there was she... Wearing her comfy sweatshirt as always in a size as thrice as bigger than her, reminiscing of a love unfulfilled especially in these rains. She... Continue Reading →

Will time permit?

"Hello Sir", Here there is Ms. Sarah waiting to meet you! Okay, Sir! "Thank you" The hotel receptionist ended the call and handed me an access card to the top floor. I smiled after a very long time of worrying and planning for the person who stayed above. "Your floor is here", squealed the elevator... Continue Reading →

Haiku: Holi

          Pic Courtesy: Google Images 'Colours of HOLI Happy Painted Faces Mask my reality' My first take on Haiku. Not sure this is right way of syllables. Hope you guys liked it and let me know through your valuable comments. Thank you. -Kikibee signing off for now 🙂

Back From Cocoon into Procrastination

Hello all! 🙂 This isn't me sleeping in the bird's nest but would look like one if you climb five stored building and knock my abandoned door. Photo Credits: Google Images Back from hibernation since my last post of about two months. Before I end up moving out and constantly fretting on why am I not opening... Continue Reading →

Bucket List

As soon as anyone starts telling you to be realistic, cross that person off your invitation list -John Eliot Every One has something to pursue in life, some are like secret wishes deep inside your heart to fulfill and some, If I’m fortunate enough I wish IT could come by ma way. The question isn’t... Continue Reading →

I want to save the world

Blossom, commander and the leader Bubbles, she is the joy and the laughter Buttercup, she's the toughest fighter Powerpuffs save the day... Fighting crime, trying to save the world Here they come just in time, the Powerpuff Girls Fighting crime, trying to save the world Here they come just in time, the Powerpuff Girls Powerpuff!... Continue Reading →

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