Book Review: From Son to Stranger

An immense courage to publish once own life in printed words for the world to read, review, love and critic. Book Title: From Son to Stranger - Coping with Loneliness            Author name: Ritu Lalit           My Ratings: 5/5            About the Book... Continue Reading →

Finding Solace

"All of humanity’s problems stem from man’s inability to sit quietly in a room alone" Note: Honestly, I'd fallen in love with this word, Solace for a long time. But did you notice, when you pronounce the word; Solace, you're ending it with a smile? Or am I the only one who felt so? Mm.. It... Continue Reading →

Building Resilience in times of crisis

Even without a reminder of COVID-19, there were enough witnessing parallel shades of anxiety, instability and fears. Struggles in our everyday lives were hard enough, hanging on to that ache like ever, as life won't change until we need to change our crisis all the time. “You never know how strong you are… until being... Continue Reading →

Marks of Maturity

Immature. I'd been called immature many times than one. But, how can you call somebody immature, when you're immature in many ways. When we mindlessly call others reckless and worse, we should call them immature; this shall help us to rescue our world from many defeats from where we know where to start. Then we... Continue Reading →

The Little Things of Life

Picture credits: La Miko on ♥   Often times like these, we underestimate the very little things we once had the power of touch, witty laughs', those kind words and honest compliments, those profound lines and in depth intellects,  warm gestures, and support a long sought love, in solace of imagination and all that... Continue Reading →

A Letter for your Soul: Be Bold and Be Beautiful

A letter for your soul, There had been nights where sleep didn't adhere to my wishes, neither dreams weren't fulfilling to sort out my goals. 'Being anxious of tomorrow' was once and still takes quiet a toll on me. 'To be bold, To be brave, To be You' was definitely a delusion created amongst so... Continue Reading →

#BlogchatterAtoZ: From Dusk till Dawn -Acceptance

A Letter to your soul, Very unprecedented days with this lockdown, not knowing what lies ahead of us. Don't let that put you down. Not knowing, 'Uncertainity'- we consciously believe that the world is pandemic, into unconsciously wired that the universe is nothing but hatred.  Love. Apart from the word bliss, to feel that emotion,... Continue Reading →

Inky writings of a Chai lover

Picture courtesy: Photo challenge #303 To wake up lone in the bedside asymmetrical cold and apart, when once we were united- warm honey and mushy alike.. Vividly black, moist and sweet chai intoxicate our aroma's delight. Each cup of brown's, an imaginary voyage Be it lavender, Be it jasmine, breaks our whispering lips. Away with... Continue Reading →

Law of the Jungle

I met this doctor the other day. A entrepreneur then and still...a business magnet I'd recall from now! What attracted her could be how she carried herself or maybe her infectious smile and the pleasantry dealings, anyone shall fall for this silent killer. It was just auto programmed to act in such hospitality. Fake it... Continue Reading →

My Teachers

Words encouraging enough to polish us better That little push to climb over hurdles Sometimes, Sacrificing to just see that smile. To hear those words of upliftment. That relief of getting it done in spite to pull our lazy socks, And yell it loud before examinations "We can do it". Months of cramping on books... Continue Reading →

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