Wordless Wednesday #10

"We sense that ‘normal’ isn’t coming back, that we are being born into a new normal: a new kind of society, a new relationship to the earth, a new experience of being human." ~ Charles Eisenstein   Joining with mysoultalks and Natashamusing ! All you need to read is their guidelines. Check them out in... Continue Reading →

Wordless Wednesday #9

The railway lines had a story to say in this 'new normal' phase - they were the stories of nature at its best. Fragrances of flowers fill the earth with beautiful red blossoms touching the incoherent spaces of our minds, hearts and souls. This picture credits are not mine, but tweeted under 'Ministry of Railways'... Continue Reading →

Error 404

Click! Click! Click! Isn't that a perfect mug shot, miss? In an essentially inconsequential selfies With loads of exclamations and hashtags Texted, Tweeted, Tumblr-ed and Trolled on Fakebook In many facades than one. From duck face to fish gape Aren't we all obsessed with Snapchats and Tiktok? To make our presence known across the streaming... Continue Reading →

Wordless Wednesday #8

Welcome you to another post in Wordless Wednesday and The Ramblings of a Poet! ♠ Every day goes by like the blink of an eye keeps changing its colours in varying shades of yellow and blues Why, Why are you being so harsh on me Sunshine? All days, So Bright and nosy! Some lines fading... Continue Reading →

Wordless Wednesday #7

That day shall come soon. When you say, "we were caged in for some time, to be exact 42 days! Maybe for you, more... Only to gaze at the bright colours at our windows - Life In the Times Of Corona © Kikzbee 2020

Wordless Wednesday #6 (<1min read)

Have you seen the mighty Qutab Minar?

Circle of Life

Those within our circle Steps a right foot Break the tethered ropes Brawl over tiny rifts Walk away from indignation Masks a silent matte in frenzy brows Nothing as void as blurred lines Years passed by yet so far away Faded, Alone are bonds solemnly wear Only memories to caper Life ages at our best smiles... Continue Reading →

Skywatch me from Chennai

It's a beautiful day, Chennai

#Skywatch me on a Monday 

Why Chennai are you so bloody hot?


This is the last picture from the skywatch series that I've clicked on my phone. It's right above Thiruvananthapuram, Kerala as I'm about to land in the runway. If you're interested, for more pictures, here is a link to my previous post. ⇒ Ambience For more pictures around the world, click here Love, Kikibee

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