The Little Things of Life

Picture credits: La Miko on ♥   Often times like these, we underestimate the very little things we once had the power of touch, witty laughs', those kind words and honest compliments, those profound lines and in depth intellects,  warm gestures, and support a long sought love, in solace of imagination and all that... Continue Reading →

My Shadow

It will find me Where ever I am Travel to seek my soul Crown my head Chained my neck It will find me Even if I don't reach out Crawling towards me To find the light  Out of my tunnel Swallowing my depths of sanity It will pass over me When I'm in my lowest... Continue Reading →

Loving you

​It's not I stopped loving you.. It wasn't worth of loving myself less. I'd made a bond for my own happiness...

Hey, Lil One!

You are a masterpiece fallen from heaven Your innocent smile breaks my sorrows away You are the hope, I wished to paint Your little words, I dreamed for so long You're the shooting star Cast into my world, Immensely blessed, my Lil one So Lil one! Shine like a star, Dream in no limits Fly like... Continue Reading →

I Chose

Picture credits: Juan Osborne "Sarcasm well–ed blood Insanity inked Mankind Choose Writing Battle" This id in response to the Haiku Horizons prompt: Choose Haiku Horizons Thank You for hopping by! Doctor KikiBee ❤

Life as we know it

Gone are the days of my life, I'd say Carrying the Sunken old dreams, I'd fade Little did I know Like the caged Catholic nuns quibble The Unpredictability, I'd foresay Like the pouch, I wear every day Like the hope in verge of tears, I'd explode Never, Life was easy Wait for insanity to pour down... Continue Reading →


The Hope, she believed in destroyed her peace                            From being Friends to acquaintances, Called her the Immature one' Hurt Wounded Buried For being the silly out of the lot¿ Feelings, That shadows her all day Just cause she was daring to be¿ For believing... Continue Reading →

Darkest before Dawn

Gazing over your new rays Breaking every false lining Seeking thy power, Oh Grace Shower your blessings O mighty one Lift up thy soul for it seeks your strength in thee No longer I want to dance in shadows Shine, Shine every shattering pieces of blue With no regrets With no lies And no masks... Continue Reading →

In Solitude

Wrapped warmly in so called life Dark shadows gape at thy vigour Silence as drops of wavering breaths Hush down the coldness in sighs Was the wind so blind? To brush my hair apart or  To hear me cry Tears rolling down  Moment of Guilt In Solitude... ♦ Gawking at my naked fear Of Living... Continue Reading →

Dear Charles

All I know is I loved us Seize every lot To be with YOU But no more No more... I can handle... You knocked my heaven- When you step out of that door When you always lied And walked off Never care to turn back When I needed you the most It’s over Baby! I... Continue Reading →

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