The Little Things of Life

Picture credits: La Miko on ♥   Often times like these, we underestimate the very little things we once had the power of touch, witty laughs', those kind words and honest compliments, those profound lines and in depth intellects,  warm gestures, and support a long sought love, in solace of imagination and all that... Continue Reading →

My Shadow

It will find me Where ever I am Travel to seek my soul Crown my head Chained my neck It will find me Even if I don't reach out Crawling towards me To find the light  Out of my tunnel Swallowing my depths of sanity It will pass over me When I'm in my lowest... Continue Reading →

Does Love exist?

I hope, I find someone who finds joy in my happiness, grieves in my pain, cherishes my existence like how love is meant to be... Not the one who hides away to celebrate our togetherness but the one who speaks to Almighty about me... I hope I find someone of my wavelength... someone who skips... Continue Reading →

Loving you

​It's not I stopped loving you.. It wasn't worth of loving myself less. I'd made a bond for my own happiness...

A Wrecking Ball

As two hearts soothe in fragrance of love Gliding along the aisle in thin glass Simulating their presence together In peace and health hand in hand Showered in Blessings of Grace heavenly As walls echoed for a beautiful ever Beneath the curtains were an innocent orbs Watching her first love seal promise to another And all she... Continue Reading →

If Only… 

(1min read) If only I love the one In curls and curves, Glaring at my reflection If only I can wash away the sunken eyes, And create a charm If only I face my fear And wipe away my tears If only I knew my purpose And fight over every barriers Wear my heart in... Continue Reading →

Hello meddler! 

Some features that meddle with our life.

My Ink bled scribble 

My scribble

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