All The Light We cannot See

When they were told to dress up nice, smile often and to be polite to the guests.  When they played along by bursting crackers and firing rockets that shoot up in the air in bright colours. When their eyes twinkle in all the light we cannot see When their smile can't brighten enough to the empty... Continue Reading →

Back From Cocoon into Procrastination

Hello all! 🙂 This isn't me sleeping in the bird's nest but would look like one if you climb five stored building and knock my abandoned door. Photo Credits: Google Images Back from hibernation since my last post of about two months. Before I end up moving out and constantly fretting on why am I not opening... Continue Reading →

Bucket List

As soon as anyone starts telling you to be realistic, cross that person off your invitation list -John Eliot Every One has something to pursue in life, some are like secret wishes deep inside your heart to fulfill and some, If I’m fortunate enough I wish IT could come by ma way. The question isn’t... Continue Reading →

The Invisible Scar

“The wound is the place where the Light enters you.”― Rumi How True! Many at times, scars are so deep that you'd forget to engage in LIFE. It would just take a roller coaster ride inside your head and heart already HAD gone into a toss. Wounds are always a reminder that things happen due... Continue Reading →

To Our Greatest Teacher

The day when she heard our cry, she smiled. She couldn’t be more happier than what she asked in her life. When he held you to his chest, he never had been so proud. That was our first love. Next down the road, we had siblings to hold onto as friends, guide and the never-ending... Continue Reading →

The Other Side of Fear

Thanks to Corinne for asking this question. Because I ask this to myself many times if I'd not stopped counting it! If there was something I was afraid of... It could be living until end. YES ! All of us face it today or tomorrow. 'What ifs' and 'Will I be' asking too often than... Continue Reading →

I’m sorry my child

“Mom, How can you hurt me? It’s the second time today! You cut my finger with that knife” So what, Kiki? It’s your fault... You know I’m cutting here vegetables! You’re stubborn!! Huff.... MOM! A pool of blood clotted in the carpet besides her bed, depressed she let it go and slept off. Her mom... Continue Reading →

Hostel Life, Sister!

This post is written on behalf of April blogging challenge 2014 theme 'College Life' for the letter H! Hostel... I know you’ve been there too. 4 or 5 years or 8-10 years! Nobody comes with an instruction manual how to deal with life unless in easy stick! To adjust with people dealing with different frequencies... Continue Reading →

Girls Rep Over and Out

This post is written for the April Blogging challenge 2014 for the theme College Life  As all have reached to the end of greatest blogging challenge of the year, I'm still stuck with G in here! After three months of Rural postings and the times of bunking, holidaying in Gokarna, Goa and Bangalore. I'm Back!... Continue Reading →

What’s on your mind, Fakebook?

This post is strictly on behalf of April Blogging challenge 2014 on the subject College memories. And the F we all know about! 😀 Facebook has been part of life just like Oxygen. Whattt Oxygennnnnnn!! (NOOO) Was that too much? Oh may be! (thinking) Was it the twenty times I checked facebook today? Naah, Did... Continue Reading →

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