Twins of Joy 

I randomly remembered how much of a troublemaker is my brother. From bunking tuitions and school classes, yet he was the talk of the town. He was the mere tip of every female tongue and men. Today too, I'm sure if I go back to school all teachers will surely ask or had tales to... Continue Reading →

Incurable, if left behind

BE SO STRONG THAT NOTHING AFFECTS YOUR PEACE OF MIND! It's hard to watch your loved one is facing from a terminal disease go through some extreme phases of life and you being a 'close friend' can't do anything to ease out her pain. Our society is still jeopardized when people encounter a terminal illness, be it handicapped... Continue Reading →


It was that day after weeks, after that hit song released that everyone had it in their lips. It was that day, clouds were partying like never before in all glory bashing in disco lights. It was that day, I ransacked the old closet in search of my sissy's layered skirt and chiffon tail (duppatta).  It... Continue Reading →

Patterns of Life

Life is never a bed of roses. We should believe it's one, fake it till you make it a bed of happiness!  When my coworker casually smirked and said,"I'm immature" I didn't like it a bit. I got offended and instantly angry. I reacted to a baseless conversation. When he is as immature as me,... Continue Reading →

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