Wordless Wednesday #8

Welcome you to another post in Wordless Wednesday and The Ramblings of a Poet! ♠ Every day goes by like the blink of an eye keeps changing its colours in varying shades of yellow and blues Why, Why are you being so harsh on me Sunshine? All days, So Bright and nosy! Some lines fading... Continue Reading →

Zest for Living

"To live life with exciting energy and anticipation, nurtures our soul and gives us the spirit to make us human" All through Ikigai book, it says: to find a purpose for living a serene life or according to thy book: “Life to be worthwhile”. It talks about being active through out your life. If you... Continue Reading →

Stand Firm Against Toxic Relations

You can't name some relations, without even you realizing, you're being used and thrown away like you're nobody. When you're dealt with toxic people, expectations can kill your inner strength and serenity. They just prey on you and find ways to often dominate you since you're on the edges of low self- esteem. If you're... Continue Reading →

Do you believe in Karma?

Karma simply means 'action'. Every action has its consequences just like Newton's third law or whatever name you can call it. Though it's more like cause and effect. It's the energy you give out in world, that comes in full force. If you don't believe in Karma, its okay. It's not whether you believe it... Continue Reading →

Echoes from the Earth

 Despair is strangely, the last bastion of hope. A haven of temporary living, like a protector from dusk till dawn. A silent healer, to be accepted in times of darkness and the body left to itself will breathe, the heart will continue to beat and the world, we realize, will never stop or go away.... Continue Reading →

Connected with Cobwebs

The other day when I woke up early, it was kind of misty. Not knowing what disturbed my beautiful dream. AND there was a gigantic cockroach crawling over me. That shook the complete slumber if I'd any. Yet without say, how the HELL does this house has many creatures?! I swear! Staying in my uncle... Continue Reading →

A Letter for your Soul: Be Bold and Be Beautiful

A letter for your soul, There had been nights where sleep didn't adhere to my wishes, neither dreams weren't fulfilling to sort out my goals. 'Being anxious of tomorrow' was once and still takes quiet a toll on me. 'To be bold, To be brave, To be You' was definitely a delusion created amongst so... Continue Reading →

Kiss the Air

Pic courtesy: Photo challenge Over the summer carnival break costumed in painted faces of lovers jellying in happiness spell of bougainvillea spiraling splendidly Like a kaleidoscope of colours in the whispering air To the drum melody beats To the soft fluffy wispy clouds spun into a tornado of sweetness  sensations vanish with our lips sealed... Continue Reading →

Book Review: The Silent Patient

  My Notes: This one is the fastest I've read within six hours or so, totally brain wrecking crime thriller and absolutely dazzled! Book Title: The Silent Patient Author: Alex Michaelides My Ratings: 5/5 A ghastly murder is held in captive of her mind and a therapist is determined to unlock her silence. It focusses... Continue Reading →

Incurable, if left behind

BE SO STRONG THAT NOTHING AFFECTS YOUR PEACE OF MIND! It's hard to watch your loved one is facing from a terminal disease go through some extreme phases of life and you being a 'close friend' can't do anything to ease out her pain. Our society is still jeopardized when people encounter a terminal illness, be it handicapped... Continue Reading →

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