In the Comfort of Quiet

Photo by Astro Wizard on That last red leaf floated in the air Like a tiny feather crumbled under my hair In an ember sun glow over autumn melancholy dwell Like a warm day with browns and quilt in a spell Oh Autumn, where have thou been? Like those hope in their decays, keen... Continue Reading →

Be A Fighter – Rise from your ashes

Dear Fighter, Let me tell you, you are the reflection of your thoughts, your actions and words. Any denial of it, can restrain the freedom you wanted. Not everyone is bound to have that kind of freedom. But YOU CAN! This fierce fighter flies at an altitude speed where no other birds fly. This voracious... Continue Reading →

Echoes from the Earth

¬†Despair is strangely, the last bastion of hope. A haven of temporary living, like a protector from dusk till dawn. A silent healer, to be accepted in times of darkness and the body left to itself will breathe, the heart will continue to beat and the world, we realize, will never stop or go away.... Continue Reading →

From Dusk till Dawn: Dwelling in Darkness

Distractions. I'd been distracted all day, since a week; I managed to keep my griefs at bay. Although from morning, despair seems to be drenched all over me. Honestly, Netflix doesn't give me the assurance of keeping my despairs away. And I shouldn't be. Walking to and fro, bedroom to kitchen, mostly opening up refrigerator... Continue Reading →

Connected with Cobwebs

The other day when I woke up early, it was kind of misty. Not knowing what disturbed my beautiful dream. AND there was a gigantic cockroach crawling over me. That shook the complete slumber if I'd any. Yet without say, how the HELL does this house has many creatures?! I swear! Staying in my uncle... Continue Reading →

A Letter for your Soul: Be Bold and Be Beautiful

A letter for your soul, There had been nights where sleep didn't adhere to my wishes, neither dreams weren't fulfilling to sort out my goals. 'Being anxious of tomorrow' was once and still takes quiet a toll on me. 'To be bold, To be brave, To be You' was definitely a delusion created amongst so... Continue Reading →

#BlogchatterAtoZ: From Dusk till Dawn -Acceptance

A Letter to your soul, Very unprecedented days with this lockdown, not knowing what lies ahead of us. Don't let that put you down. Not knowing, 'Uncertainity'- we consciously believe that the world is pandemic, into unconsciously wired that the universe is nothing but hatred.¬† Love. Apart from the word bliss, to feel that emotion,... Continue Reading →

Inky writings of a Chai lover

Picture courtesy: Photo challenge #303 To wake up lone in the bedside asymmetrical cold and apart, when once we were united- warm honey and mushy alike.. Vividly black, moist and sweet chai intoxicate our aroma's delight. Each cup of brown's, an imaginary voyage Be it lavender, Be it jasmine, breaks our whispering lips. Away with... Continue Reading →

Book Review: Ikigai – The Japanese secret to a Long and Happy Life

Have you found your ikigai? Ikigai means 'a reason for being' - to find a purpose for living a serene life until end or according to thy book: "Life to be worthwhile"

Destiny, Belief, and Hope! #MondayMusings

It hit me out from nowhere! I stepped out onto the balcony for some fresh air to enjoy some me-time. The cool breeze and the pink flowers lit my world into happiness. The joy of enjoying the little moments with your black tea and a pinch of strawberry. Ah... Splendid! Enjoying for a millisecond, the... Continue Reading →

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