Journey Of a UN-PREDICTABLE Life

If one phenomenon that's still predictable could be my lazy bones being guilty. Lying in that comfy couch and watching endless series or reading books could be mine as well as your life situation only difference to some, folks nagging you for not being the perfect person or near to perfectionism at my age. Unpredictability is … Continue reading Journey Of a UN-PREDICTABLE Life

Back From Cocoon into Procrastination

Hello all! 🙂 This isn't me sleeping in the bird's nest but would look like one if you climb five stored building and knock my abandoned door. Photo Credits: Google Images Back from hibernation since my last post of about two months. Before I end up moving out and constantly fretting on why am I not opening … Continue reading Back From Cocoon into Procrastination

Ave Maria

Totally Marvelous Roon!
Until today I never knew you left a piece of you in here… May Your soul rest in peace friend !
Miss your posts in FaceBook- but that’s when I got to know I was missing someone.


Shot her reflections divine,

Shone glass from the Church’s spine,

Amidst jeers, tears and cheers,

Past cries from an innocent rewind,

From those meadows, wails of the sheep and the swine,

Treads ahead the nervous bride,

Petals rain from all sides,

Fate has her trampling them,

No matter to save some,

How hard she did try,

Triggers and barrels guard her walk,

Lead bursts in skies above,

For a life in arms of the barter of death,

A drop of love in that ocean red,

Her surrender to the Holy Cross,

On the altar awaits her share of sin-gloss,

Her skirt’s cathedral train rubs away the ground’s pain,

She drags it across the aisle, suppressing frowns,

When against lovelorn lips of the groom,

Shy, her sight sweeps down,

Scared, she freaks out, a blemished start,

On her kismet, bull’s eye scores the poisonous dart,

Her wedding gown was already wearing…

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Resolutions or No Resolutions

Have I considered R in Resolutions last year? I doubt. All remains bizarre because all days were Exams and Exams that I wrote and saving energy mode or being lazy at most times. The time I breathe was when my butt cuddled around the blanket and my screen flashed in Vampire Diaries, Arrow, Suits and … Continue reading Resolutions or No Resolutions

One Year and Two Months

‘Two months’ that would be incorrect. The third one is running smoothly already with 5 posts. Well, this time WordPress had forgotten my anniversary so do me. Therefore, it is even. To bring a belated wish can make me a year old blogging. AND I like every bit of it. Ahh...Just can’t take the pressures … Continue reading One Year and Two Months

Dance Therapy and the Art of Living

So do you think you can dance! If yes, Shake it harder 🙂

Oh, the Places You'll Go!

Lately, the world has been telling me to dance.

It started with the Sufi night at Shah Jamal, which is the tomb of Sufi Saint Baba Shah Jamal. This was trance dance and for me a mostly spectator sport. Every Thursday evening a combination of drumming, hashish smoke and spin dancing Sufis (plus many sweaty men and their accumulated body odor) fill the tiny tomb. Our small party sat on the marble floor on what appeared to be either the roof or just an open, upper platform to witness the drum and dance duo. It was intense! The drumming didn’t really ever appear to begin or end but instead rose and fell in waves that tumbled over one another – when you think it’s ending, it’s beginning or somewhere in the middle, and soon your lost in sounds, which I suppose may be the whole point.  Then the Sufis begin to dance…

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