The Reality, We seek!

Truth and reality will always be a 'debate' until we choose darkness upon us.  When one side of the country wants to ban PETA for its involvement in Jalikattu, a cultural game embarking the Pongal tradition where as the other side voices for the cruelty that's done to the innocent creatures. It's a tradition that … Continue reading The Reality, We seek!


Exceptional ambience? I doubt. It definitely had the power to uplift my mood. And there is this view I couldn't capture in my phone where I  saw a crimson sun amongst the clouds and a  faint blue line beneath with lots of green around. Yes, I'm talking about Kerala, India and more precisely the capital, Trivandrum from above. … Continue reading Ambience

Journey Of a UN-PREDICTABLE Life

If one phenomenon that's still predictable could be my lazy bones being guilty. Lying in that comfy couch and watching endless series or reading books could be mine as well as your life situation only difference to some, folks nagging you for not being the perfect person or near to perfectionism at my age. Unpredictability is … Continue reading Journey Of a UN-PREDICTABLE Life

All The Light We cannot See

When they were told to dress up nice, smile often and to be polite to the guests.  When they played along by bursting crackers and firing rockets that shoot up in the air in bright colours. When their eyes twinkle in all the light we cannot see When their smile can't brighten enough to the empty … Continue reading All The Light We cannot See

The Musings of Small World

Trrrrringggggggggggggggggggggggggg! As your hand raise to hit the blaring sound snooze, you end up dropping the alarm clock down. When you're glad and have that mischievous smile on face you realise you're cold and shivering for so long to wake up from that cozy comfort blanket and realise it's MONDAY! But when is it different … Continue reading The Musings of Small World