A Letter to you #COVID2019

Hello on the other side, Amidst all this chaos, I wished I knew from where this meme came by but absurdly its humorous and disturbingly accurate to break this chain. Easier said than done! Humans have been isolated in Corona wards, hospitals or at their houses and socially distancing when stepping out to buy groceries,... Continue Reading →

Destiny, Belief, and Hope! #MondayMusings

It hit me out from nowhere! I stepped out onto the balcony for some fresh air to enjoy some me-time. The cool breeze and the pink flowers lit my world into happiness. The joy of enjoying the little moments with your black tea and a pinch of strawberry. Ah... Splendid! Enjoying for a millisecond, the... Continue Reading →

Law of the Jungle

I met this doctor the other day. A entrepreneur then and still...a business magnet I'd recall from now! What attracted her could be how she carried herself or maybe her infectious smile and the pleasantry dealings, anyone shall fall for this silent killer. It was just auto programmed to act in such hospitality. Fake it... Continue Reading →

All the World’s a Stage

The Girl With The Scorpion Tattoo

All the world’s a stage,

And all the men and women merely players:

They have their exits and their entrances;

And one man in his time plays many parts[.]


As You Like It, Act II, sc. 7


We are all artists complying to perform in world on a stage. Some among us step out of our cocoons, built a life of difference, and live for a life worth of. Few but appreciable!

We want to be accepted and loved to be appreciated. However, it’s few who climb ladders and make a change.


969884_363879820379656_1587991846_nMany actors like us play our roles to create a lasting legacy in earth for people to remember. Yet what matters most is what others say about us. What people fail to realize is that all achievements are temporary or passing reputations. Tributes are generally forgotten.


It is always a belief that our…

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“We are all faced with a series of great opportunities brilliantly disguised as impossible situations” – Charles Swindoll. The department assistant aka the helper told me today to pray, for the glorious Almighty is the only one who can show you the way. It was odd. Because lately all had been saying the same.  Why?... Continue Reading →


In my blurry vision, Watching bokeh lights of orange These city lights were pretty much the same All day, every day gazing over my battles of solitary Blinking to my myriad of thoughts Wanted a pause button for some while now. Looking above into an abyss of shades Of dusky blue and gray scales Wondering... Continue Reading →

Wonder Woman 

She rubbed gauze over my burnt area absentminded. "Ouch", I yelped What you doing? I'm in pain, Maa... It's still tender there... Sarah looked down at her younger daughter eyes and mumbled sorry. She slowly blew over my wounds having a weary look. "Maa, you don't know how to do. I'll do it. It's okay you leave.... Continue Reading →

The Reality, We seek!

Truth and reality will always be a 'debate' until we choose darkness upon us.  When one side of the country wants to ban PETA for its involvement in Jalikattu, a cultural game embarking the Pongal tradition where as the other side voices for the cruelty that's done to the innocent creatures. It's a tradition that... Continue Reading →


Exceptional ambience? I doubt. It definitely had the power to uplift my mood. And there is this view I couldn't capture in my phone where I  saw a crimson sun amongst the clouds and a  faint blue line beneath with lots of green around. Yes, I'm talking about Kerala, India and more precisely the capital, Trivandrum from above.... Continue Reading →

For the moment

Location: Nariman Point, Mumbai (Visit my instagram page at jenstagram21 for more travel clicks ) The above picture was clicked by my friend when I was deep in my thoughts of life wasn't fair and How being a child to all these new profound emotions irking for the past few days. Probably, the only time... Continue Reading →

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