All the World’s a Stage

All the world’s a stage,

And all the men and women merely players:

They have their exits and their entrances;

And one man in his time plays many parts[.]


As You Like It, Act II, sc. 7


We are all artists complying to perform in the world on a stage. Some of us step out of our cocoons, built a life of difference, and live a life worthy of. Few but appreciable!

We want to be accepted and loved to be appreciated. However, it’s few who climb ladders and make a change.


969884_363879820379656_1587991846_nMany actors like us play our roles to create a lasting legacy in the earth for people to remember. Yet what matters most is what others say about us. What people fail to realize is that all achievements are temporary or passing reputations. Tributes are generally forgotten.


It is always a belief that our society is based on rules and regulations and we have to abide them to play safe for our own security. Due to the basis of these rules, our society tends to think of these silvery stated laws. So do you and including merely on these laws but do we get justice when needed most? Aren’t we weak when we all have to act within these rules when you know freedom is corrupted?


We tend to forget we are the goats that are slaughtered at the end of the year. Everybody passes out with flying colors but does everybody have a place to build a life or even carry out? A goat is a prey that gets hunted and killed. No one remembers it! BUT, a lion rules. No one forgets a lion. It survives!  It’s your choice at the end to make a life of eternal legacy. So do think twice when you stand there idle and your mouths shut, when you have to speak for yourself. Don’t be a puppet.  You wouldn’t know the power of self when a thousand angels arise in a guise of devils to support you.  You have to be different to be noticed!

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61 thoughts on “All the World’s a Stage

  1. This was such a beautiful post. So many people across the world live in a constant struggle whether to listen to their heart or the people around them. The sad part is that even people close to you who claim to love you fail to understand you.

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  2. Beautifully expressed, Jensy.
    When I started to write, I learned one thing. The lead character of the story doesn’t have to be strong, good, or even right. You can make anyone the lead character; all you need is to write his/her POV well. Just like in life. To write your own story well, you need to know yourself, understand yourself, and believe in yourself.
    Have a great weekend!

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  3. Hey Jency! What an inspiring post! I loved the message that you need to be authentic and stand up for yourself and others to bring a change. The analogy of the lion and goats was apt in this post. Keep writing and inspiring! Love and Cheers!

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  4. This is such an inspiring post. I loved reading it and yes I agree with your thought. I can relate well with my own self. I’m generally a silent guy but I can speak when need be. If you remain silent people take you for granted and on the other hand when a silent person speaks up people generally gets stunned thinking this person can also talk… it happened to me many times.
    Thanks for sharing this 🙂


  5. One has to live to make their life better for themselves and not thinking what others will think. Because no matter how hard we try, we cannot make everyone happy. In the end we are the one handling the situation. People will talk and they leave as the characters in a play. It’s temporary but our satisfaction should be permanent. And that is possible only when we will be true to ourselves.

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  6. The only way to be different is to be yourself, truly, honestly, unabashedly embrace who you are. Loved it how you supported your article with a Ritu Da picture.Change begins with me. If I refuse to be part of “corrupt” system, no power can force me to be.

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  7. While no one remembers the sheep, without sheep no lion will be able to survive. I think more than personal glory, it is the utility of one’s life to society that matters. As they say, not all heroes wear a cape.

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  8. First fear of God was created and followed by fear of society and its opinion if we are outcasts. There is no significance of freewill in this so called society. I liked the essence this post carried about how thought process matters

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  9. We cant change the society but that doesnt mean we will succumb to pressures from within the society. We need to make our own rules and if we stick to them, the society will accept us the way we are in due course.

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  10. Truly said. It’s our stage. And it’s us to decide whether to give an Oscar performance or Golden Kela one. We have to be different to be noticed, so rather than venting out in islenece, vent out loud. Powerful post. Brilliant.

    P.S. Beautiful Dp and lovely smile. 🙂

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  11. For the longest time, I used to be that silent man in the play of life. Of late, the change has come to have a worthy role. And I will admit writing via the blog played a big role as it got my voice across

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    • Yes Roshan Sir! 🙂 I still think of your posts where you voice up of injustice system sometimes corruption minds or something interesting.. Well. Silence is the loudest cry where you are the only one to witness. Isn’t it So?


  12. You said it. We are all actors and the world is a stage, how we do our part that will make a huge lot of difference. sadly the way of the world where the might crush the honest ones but the latter has a trump card. You know what it is? Keep believing 🙂

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  13. Rather than live a life being apart of thr herd, I would like to be true to myself. Stand up and raise my voice when things don’t seem correct, that’s what I usually do . I think most people fear desertion and the feeling of being a part of society and acceptance is of major importance. Don’t care a damn about orhers is what needs to change first. Quite an intriguing one Jensy

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  14. I do not know if you speak of corruption in general of if there is a specific cause. I am from the U.S., and we are facing a crisis of corruption. Every night, the news is more appalling than before. Where and when will it end?
    But, I also see millions revolt and speak with a free voice, something I did not see in years past. We became too complacent and let issues continue without our input. Now, we speak out, and we have made a difference. Whether it is through social media, or protest marches, or showing up in our delegate’s offices to tell the truth, we are more active, more vocal, and more involved.
    If corruption does one good thing, it makes a better person.

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    • It may have made us a better persons so does the problems doesn’t shoo away! In some places its still a red signal. With the kind of people, I don’t think world shall be a better place on a survival note.


  15. Zens ! This is exactly wat i blieve in ! I hate ppl sitting in silence ! Raise your God damnd VOICE and Rise above the Others. People like me and you do exist but are just scared , scared cause of the consequences ! But if we join in together ! That would be the end of most of the Corruption. Sadly, we may have to wait for a long tym fr that. I will try my best 😉 and i knw u will too 🙂 nyc write up 🙂


  16. Jensy!!! U spoke what I always felt..we are all actors doing our part yet are crucified by society-composed by men and women like us who are imbibed with strengths and weaknesses. sad fact but truth of life:)


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