Coping With The New Normal #Covid19

The world won’t be much different after the coronavirus phase. Mankind will bring political and religious remarks flooding over different medias. Though prevalent over years, this could be the most deadly virus that never misses an opportunity to play its manipulative schemes. We are the viruses that plague our tongues and our poor minds! With this Covid19, nothing is ever going to change. The much needed calmness has passed and more storms shall arise. To a few of us whose seeking changes may bring few measures to appreciate life even if we’d like to spread humility, kindness and love. We will be pulled into the race of many calamities or pandemics – interrogates our mighty will to sustainability and survivability.

The heart-wrenching part is the few thousands that lose their lives in this chase. With each day there is a rise in the death rates. Covid or not! Does it matter? I applaud the voice of many liberated minds out there. But where is it for the deceased ones? Like a river, the demised ones may flow through the dirty waters or down the roads. Where is the voice of those unfortunate ones?

One of the most enduring images of Covid19 will be the thousands of “the nowhere people” walking down the roads of India, travelling thousands of kilometres trying to reach their abode, in this blazing weather and darkness – some without work, some lack finances, some lack food supply in camps, some cut off from their families and relatives and some made to work without money and are breaking free from containment zones. This is a place where the promises of Rs. 1000 Crore PM Fund made for dealing such situations and yet their homes are far-fetched. Homes of security, safety and opportunities.

Today, if a small organism can’t teach us the lessons of humility, compassion and responsibilities. What will muster the needed change? The change of the atrocities done by Indian Government when it shamelessly asks for funds and the money is in wrong hands. If corruption still exists in the hearts of political minds and poor people of India often fall a prey to religious schemes in this manipulative minds. If we didn’t learn from yesteryears, neglecting the beguiling events of today, tomorrow will be much anticipated war zones. A war to make this country a Hindu nation demolishing all the minorities. It has happened already! What more these funds can do to build a nation of war? And a pandemic doesn’t alter these frivolous minds.

COVID-19 or not. We’ve established that fact, the world won’t alter or learn anything from these viruses. The temper of the multitude is fickleness, and its easy to persuade them for things but hard to fix their persuasion. And the world shall continue to be blind, spread hatred over social platforms and believe in nothingness.

Soon, the life will be back to new normal. Crafty ones shall return to their sanctuaries, and their congregation will be created and reformed in groups for destruction and few good ones shall be stranded along the coast to survive or death.

Tell me, Am I wrong?

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Disclaimer: This post is a personal opinion and views expressed by the author and do not necessarily reflect any official policies of the country or state affairs. Any content provided by the author is her own opinion, and has no intention to malign any religion, ethic group, club, organization, company, individual or anyone in particular. The author has also no intention to spread negativity or wrong information, regarding the covid crisis.


9 thoughts on “Coping With The New Normal #Covid19

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  1. You are absolutely right. Each point is completely valid.
    Sometimes, I feel so restless because I cannot do anything for these people suffering just to reach their homes. It makes me extremely sad and angry at our system which is deeply corrupt.


  2. I guess the world is either beyond learning… Or just doesn’t want to learn… It will all end as another tragic story in the books of history with no lessons learnt…


    1. Initially received the response of cynicism of what’s written but when read another post ‘crisis and change’… felt there were many who expressed same like me.. there were logical thinkers!


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