Error 404

Photo by Andrea Piacquadio on

Click! Click! Click!

Isn’t that a perfect mug shot, miss?

In an essentially inconsequential selfies

With loads of exclamations and hashtags

Texted, Tweeted, Tumblr-ed and Trolled on Fakebook

In many facades than one.

From duck face to fish gape

Aren’t we all obsessed with Snapchats and Tiktok?

To make our presence known across the streaming gulf of cyberspace

Hey you! Did you call me a drama queen?

Do you know, how many followers I have in Instagram?

Shusssh, narcissism! I am the queen of rock and roll. Duh.

Mirror, Mirror on the wall.. Am I the fairest of them all?

A mere fiction of an apathetic selfi-esh queen

Pride, Insecurity and jealously in a world obsessed with youth

In an imperfectly perfect society’s look in the book

Thriving to build an image of mediocrity

Hungover to look natural in the right angles and side glances

My muscles ache with arms on the waist and they say

Chin up, tummy in, booty out and ankles wide

Focus my pixels of beauty and shoot,

FYI, you slay me!

Oops, Rebooting.. and the continuous beep noise

*Error 404: your system has selfie virus*

Damn, My Head is killing me!

Wait, Was it the wine from last night?

Blurred images shooks my naked eyes

My Heart keeps ticking for your attention

Are you with me, the Universe?

©Kikzbee 2020

P.S: In response to Photo Challenge #315 Happy Reading! On a quirky pill. I hoped it worked for the challenge? let me know pluesee.

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  1. Ha ha ha, Social media atrocities, well captured, it’s true how People so obsessed with perfectionism, and Well done on the photo challenge and the poem too! Enjoyed reading! Have a wonderful weekend ✨💐

    Liked by 1 person

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