Living in the Uncertainty


Dashing down the blues, walking down the streets,

starry flakes over knees, tapped in an air of melancholy.

Long and eerie roads ahead,

striving both ends of life cold

are the young and the old!

In this city of thorns, where did the humanity go?

Where did the chattering of elders go?

Where did the noisy grinding of the railways go?

Where did the city honks of cars, bikes and autorickshaws go?

Longing forward to a year by, aren’t we?

Trying to fit in to the old roofs and old acquaintances

Only to realize it isn’t same anymore

Walking street by street into towns 

you realise you haven’t missed the place

only the cherished faces, moments and perhaps you!

Emptiness, comforting like a barren land

Have life lost its charm of living?

Living. Living in the uncertainty

Aren’t we all?

P.s: In response to Neeraj’s Photo challenge #321 

Photo credits: mh cheraghi on


Hope you’re doing fine there…

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