I found Love

That day…
I found love and I desired for that longing…


Love is…


Walking along the shore line
Holding each other arms
Humming that classic love song
And tries to catch her smile..
As crimson hue overwhelm the sky
Guiding her against the puddles in toes
Leaves a trail behind
Of a memorable day & smiles
Chattering about childhood memories
Or moments of laughter & frown
Or gossiping like yesteryear
Fills the empty void with love
And promise to visit again..
Weary, grey haired and still the handsome
Fallen in love with the grey wrinkled beauty-
Age never matters to hold her &
Beam in love all the time.

image Pic Courtesy: Google Images

Two weeks back, I and my cousin had gone for a night drive to Shanmugham Beach, Trivandrum Kerala. A famous tourist spot.
Sitting on the rocks around 8pm, we saw the crowd swarm through the entire sea shore. Some were shop vendors selling hot peanuts packed in cone papers, cheesy popcorns or fruits cut in pieces. Anything to enjoy the romantic mood or day away from busy jotting city. Amidst all noises, blaring sounds, disco lights and chaos, we were catching up on life, marriage and our family, hearing to waves shatter against the rocks. Then we saw this very old couple hold hands together and stroll away from beach to roadside. At that moment, my cousin spoke affectionately what I’d in my mind, “I wish to grow old and have love like them”



This is my second response to Indispire of Indiblogger forum
The first one being,

Comments appreciated. 🙂



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