Hey, Lil One!

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img-20160530-wa0005You are a masterpiece fallen from heaven

Your innocent smile breaks my sorrows away

You are the hope, I wished to paint

Your little words, I dreamed for so long

You’re the shooting star

Cast into my world,

Immensely blessed, my Lil one

So Lil one!

Shine like a star,

Dream in no limits

Fly like the Tern

Cherish those toothy grins

Remember to be humble

Smile with no regrets

Stand up for rights, 

Embrace the child in you

For you never know, 

As time waits for none… 

Use Your strenghts wisely

Above all,

Thank thy Almighty who gave you life

and nurture your humanity 

May you Brighten every passing soul!

–Your ever loving Aunty Kikibee

IMG-20151114-WA0006 Final.jpgThe Post is written in line with the
Week’s Indispire Promptabf97-indispire_170x110
The above images are my nephews and only niece whose engrossed in the menu card as if she knows all in the plate Haha, Gosh I miss these naughty ones. They will just turn your world upside down. Aunty misses you munchkins ❤


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