My Shadow

It will find me

Where ever I am

Travel to seek my soul

Crown my head

Chained my neck

It will find me

Even if I don’t reach out

Crawling towards me

To find the light 

Out of my tunnel

Swallowing my depths of sanity

It will pass over me

When I’m in my lowest

Like wavelengths of emotions

Crushing me like a mighty storm

Snatches me to deep waters

With currents choking me to death

It knows

It will find me

Like my shadow


 It will prevail

When ever I’m happy!

P.S: I’m taking my Alexa Rank to the next level with Blogchatter. Currently, my Global rank is 5,278,375 and India rank is 33 million. The first post of September with #MyFriendAlexa






5 thoughts on “My Shadow

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  1. Hi Jency! This is my first read. You have a natural way with words. I´m so glad I stopped by to read this poem…it´s poignant and powerful. Keep writing…I loved this one. All the best for your Alexa. Love and Cheers!

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